Juliet Jaeger is a multifaceted artist from Milwaukee, WI. Her visual arts studio is in among a cluster of converted factory buildings in the Bayview neighborhood.

“Hey look, it’s The Sticker Lady!” So named by Juliet’s local reputation for creating small, fun things to make some cash (often by recycling junk): stickers, magnets, tiny hats, custom painted wearables like shoes, the list goes on. Making these items occasionally informs her studio art usually in the form of paper collage and in the use of found materials.

Since 2010, Juliet participates in improvisational dance as a member of the internationally performing dance troupe, Tamarind Tribal.  


Juliet is an enthusiastic fan of music and intermittent musician. A long time listener of Milwaukee’s WMSE 91.7FM, a listener supported freeform music radio station broadcasting from MSOE, she credits for her eclectic musical taste to this station. She is over the moon to be a volunteer DJ at WMSE, starting in 2016, where she now programs a three hour weekly show of world music both traditional and disruptive.


Recently, Juliet has created album art and provides live video projection for musical performances of CRLSS.

Up Coming Events

Some Past Events

Video projection art for the music of CRLSS

2018, Nov 23rd

Riverwest Public House


2018, Dec 1st

High Dive


2019, Fri. Jan 11th

Bremen Cafe


2019, Sun. Feb 24th

Linneman's Riverwest Inn


Sapere aude.  Scientific knowledge is my fundamental inspiration.  Visual art is part of an exploration of life, geology, and ultimately, patterns.  The patterns emerge from experimentation with shape, color, fractal geometry and mutation.  The repetition of a mark with a short list of rules creates a dynamic form that is homogeneous to the forms and structures found in nature. 

Life is a puzzle. I consider my drawings puzzles. From my perspective, the finished image is similar to a finished crossword puzzle. Starting marks are made and I build out following an algorithm to ease the burden of decision making.  The drawing grows until I run out of space or the overall shape is pleasing.  Many variables shape the outcome: depending on which way I travel as I draw, where errors occur and my color choices; even with the same starting point, the result will always be unique.  

Absorbed in improvisation. Improvisation is the thread that links together everything I do: art, dance, music, radio, crafts and solutions in small everyday puzzles. It is the place where focus and creativity operate at their full potential. This place has its own flow, speed and has no regard for daily schedules and expectations. Existing here is fundamental to my drawings and abstract painting. To extemporize in anything requires a delicate grip on control; to flow from one tiny decision to the next without getting stuck in deliberation over one choice.  



Video projection art for the music of CRLSS

Cactus Club, Nov 2018

Video projection art for the music of CRLSS

Quarters, Sept 2018

Album Art, 2018

Heartstrings EP by CRLSS, Record label: Cream Collective, London

Group Exhibition of Abstract Artists, April-May 2018

Gallery 218


Solo Fusion Dance Performance, 2017

Tribal Union, Next Act Theater


Group Exhibition, 2016

Revel Bayview


Fusion Dance Performance with Tamarind Tribal, 2016

Menilmontant Theatre, Paris, France


Group Exhibitions, 2014-15

Telecom Data in Hide House Building, Milwaukee, WI


Group Exhibitions, 2013-15

Bay View & Milwaukee Gallery Nights, Bubbler Studios


Group Exhibition, 2014

Art in Space, UWM Planetarium

Mural, Catalyst Project, 2014

Carroll University, Waukesha, WI


“Best in Show” printmaking catagory, 2010, 2011 & 2012

Beyond the Canvas, urban plein air competition, MARN


Group Exhibition, Things on Strings, 2011

Curated by Becky Tesch, MARN Gallery, Wauwatosa, WI


Group Exhibition, Generate 2010,

Curated by Keith Nelson, The Florida ST Building, Milwaukee, WI


Solo Exhibition, That’s the Way It Is, 2010 

Wright Museum of Art, Beloit College


“Best in Show” 2009

 Beloit and Vicinity Juiried Exhibition, 2008 & 2009

Wright Museum of Art, Beloit College


Group exhibition, (re)cycle (re)visit, 2009 

Jazz Gallery / Riverwest Artist Association, Milwaukee, WI


“Best in Show”, 2007 / Group Exhibition, 2007 & 2009        

31st & 32nd Bradley International Print & Drawing Biennial Exhibition

Heuser Art Center, Bradley University, Peoria, IL


Two Murals, Art in the Alleys Project, 2008 

Riverwest ArtWalk / Sura for Change, Milwaukee, WI


Group Exhibition, Emerging Artists of Milwaukee, 2008

Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts, Brookfield, WI


Group Exhibition, Agoraphobia, 2008 

Mid America Print Council / Minnesota State University Moorhead, MN


Group Exhibition, MARNmentors Three, 2008

Milwaukee Artist Resource Network (MARN) / Hotcakes Gallery


Group Exhibition, 3rd Great Lakes Drawing Biennial Exhibition, 2008 

University Gallery, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI


Mary L. Nohl Suitcase Export Grant for Visual Art, 2008 

MARNmentors Program, 2007/08              

Mentor: Dara Larson; Associate Professor of Art at Alverno Collage


Group Exhibition, The Walkabout: Rituals of Awakening, 2007 

Riverwest Artist Association (RAA) / Flux Design, Milwaukee, WI


Paul Delilse Merit Award for Figure Drawing, 2006 

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Printmaking Major, Drawing Minor, 2006 

Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design